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Treatment options​

Fixed braces

Individual brackets are stuck directly to the teeth and connected by flexible wires which are tightened at regular intervals.

If a fixed brace is recommended, you may be able to choose between ceramic(tooth-coloured) or metal brackets. Tooth coloured appliances are much more aesthetic, and are most often used for adults.

​We also use lingual fixed appliances;

This is where the attachments are placed on the inner surface of your teeth, inside the mouth where they cannot be seen. Problems like crooked teeth, spaces between the teeth or teeth that stick out can be corrected. Although lingual braces are more expensive they offer a highly cosmetic alternative to those patients who otherwise would not consider treatment.

The braces are not visible when the mouth is closed

The attachments are glued on the back of the teeth

Removable braces

Can obviously be removed, but they must be worn full-time, apart from when they have to be cleaned. Removable braces are good for correcting simple problems.

Functional braces

Worn on the upper and lower teeth at the same time. By connecting the two removable braces, the power of the jaw muscles is applied to move the teeth in tandem and to make sure that the teeth bite properly. They are used to correct the growth pattern of the jaws.

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