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Patient information

​It is never is too late.​

Early Treatment

Many times severe orthodontic problems can be corrected or decreased by treatment at a young age. Problems associated with skeletal imbalances, impacted teeth and missing permanent teeth are often easier to correct at a young age, when the patient is growing.

Adult Treatment

Teeth can be moved at any age. Our adult patients range in age from eighteen to eighty. It's never too late to beautify your smile and improve overall dental health. As people age, teeth tend to become more misaligned making cleaning more difficult. Aligning the teeth not only improves the look of the smile but also makes it easier to clean the teeth, and cleaner teeth means healthier gums and teeth.

Your first visit:

The first visit to our office is designed to give you information. Dr. Helen Torkashvand will assess your situation and discuss whether you need orthodontics to improve your smile.

Cost of treatment

This is dependent on the type of treatment required. Each patient is assessed individually and you will be given a costing at the consultation, depending on the kind of treatment you require. We are willing to set up flexible payment plans.

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